fearless females  of Tennis

Her Story

Tennis is one of the first sportswomen who fought for the right to play. In 1887 the U.S and French Tennis Championships opened to women for the first time, but it still took another 32 years for a woman to win a championship title when in 1919 Suzanne Lenglen won the first of 12 titles at what would become the Grand Slam Tournaments. All around the world tennis started opening for more women.

By 1973 Billie Jean King became the 1st president of the women’s players union, The Women’s Tennis Association and since there have been many powerful women who have taken center court to earn their place in tennis history – or should we say “Her-story.” One famous player in the 90’s, whose name is synonymous with the word tennis, Martina Navratilova, winning the Ladies Singles Championship a stunning 9 times! In 2002 the unstoppable Venus and Serena Williams burst onto the courts as the first sisters in history to be ranked #1 and #2. But women were still not considered equal to men in the game until 2006 and 2007, when the French Open and Wimbledon gave champions equal money. In 2015, thanks to Serena Williams, the Women’s Final sold out before the men’s, and today Venus and Serena still hold their titles as the #1 and #2 champions of the world. These women are clearly Fearless in the pursuit of what they love.