fearless females  of football

We have come a long way since 1920, when the presence of a woman at a sporting event was merely to clap and cheer. While women have been making significant contributions in and through sports for centuries, only eight were recognized by ESPN’s SportsCentury, in its top 100 ranking. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is starting to tell the story of women in football, but they’re barely scratching the surface. Nevertheless, the number of women in sports related careers, is rising significantly at an increasing rate. Currently there are 55 high profile women involved in the NFL. There are 3 assistant female coaches, one of which, Katie Sowers, the NFL’s first out LGBTQ coach of the 49’ers, just became the first female to coach a Super Bowl game for Super Bowl LIV.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have two full time female assistant coaches, Lori Locust and Maral Javadifar. Toni Harris and Becca Longo, 2 girls who have been awarded full college scholarships to play football on all-male college teams are breaking records and setting future football goals of joining the NFL. As participation by boys continues to slip, the number of girls playing high school football has doubled in the past decade. The NFL recently announced that 15 colleges have already committed to starting football programs for women. The new sport will create new full scholarship opportunities for women who will begin to compete in the spring of 2021.

Jen Welter, the NFL’s first woman coach; Sarah Thomas, the NFL’s first full-time woman referee, and Beth Mowins, the first woman to call a nationally televised NFL game. They join Lesley Visser, Andrea Kremer, and Charean Williams, who have all previously received awards from the hall for their contributions to football journalism. We would like to honor these Fearless Females of Football for shattering the “Glass Sidelines,” as stated by Dr. Jen Welter – a Fearless Female of Football.