fearless females  of sports awards

Fearless Females of Football

Date: Thursday, February 4th, 2021
Time: 8PM 
Location: Tampa Bay, FL 









The Fearless Female of Football Award recognizes excellence in women in football and honors the special skills and unique talents of the ladies who scout, play, coach, manage, and referee football programs nationwide. The Fearless Female of Football Award nominees are determined by a process of submissions and reviews by the Full Hou5e Events team, with determining factors in distinctive categories: News-Worthy Accomplishments, Leadership, Level of Status and Longevity in Industry.



Each Female should have note-worthy position in the football industry, on or off the field. NFL employees and ladies with great football accomplishments not employed by the NFL are eligible for the Award. We look more for women who are not afraid to work side by side with the men, but Flag Football is commendable, and submissions will be honored in this category, as well.


This section defines the International Emmy® Awards categories open for the competition.

  1. News-Worthy Accomplishments
  2. Leadership
  3. Level of Status in Industry
  4. Longevity in Industry

This section lists all the items required for submission. No submission will be considered an entry unless it is complete.

  • A high-resolution (at least 6 centimeters or 3 inches square in 300 dpi) jpeg of at least one (1) professional photo headshot of the Fearless Female must be emailed to:


  • Written Entry Submission Profile meeting the qualifications numbers 1-4 listed above. Details of submission in each category must be complete with links to verify content. Submission must include email address, phone number, and all links to social media.
  • As of 2020, all written submissions will be sent with payment of $50.00 to the Lozen World Team for processing and judging procedures, nomination, marketing the nominee and the winning trophy. All submissions thereafter will only be accepted with payment to: Lozen LLC

This section details the procedure by which a submission is accepted as an entry into the competition.

  1. All entries are pre-screened to ensure that eligibility requirements are met.
  2. Full Hou5e Events reserves the right to not accept a submission deemed unsuitable. The ruling of Full Hou5e Events is final.
  3. All entrants will receive confirmation by email when their submission has been officially entered into the competition. The confirmation email should not be expected before the end of November.

This section details the judging stages and the criteria by which the jurors score the entries.

  1. Each entry into the Fearless Female of Football Awards competition undergoes up to three (3) rounds of judging:
  • The First round of judgingAwards submissions and acceptance will take place from June 2020 to November 2020 under the direct supervision of the Judging Department within Lozen World who will view entries and vote in an in-house polling system.
  • Semi-Final round,that will take place November 2020- January 2021 and will be coordinated throughout the United States market. Under the direct supervision of the Judging Department, members of the Lozen World Team, invite football professionals to participate as jurors during this second stage of judging. After the Official Ballots are received by the Lozen World Team, the Fearless Female with the highest score in each category becomes nominee and proceeds to the Final round of judging.
  • The Final round of judgingfor all categories will be held in January 2021. Fearless Females to be judged in are sent, online, to individuals chosen under the direct supervision of the Judging Department. The completed Official Ballots are collected where they are checked for authenticity and tabulated. The winner is the top- ranking Fearless Female from among the nominees and is not revealed until the awards ceremony.

This section details the responsibilities and requirements of all nominated entries and lists the dates of the corresponding awards ceremonies.

  • Nominee private announcement (for the 2021 Award): December 2020.
  • Upon private announcement, each nominated entry will be required to provide Lozen World Team with additional materials, the list of which will be sent by email.
  • Nominee public announcement: January 2021.
  • Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony during Super Bowl week at the Ladies Heart Football Events. Dates of Awards Presentation to be announced annually by December.
WINNING THE Fearless Female of Football Award
  1. This section details statue and winner certificate.


    1. Only one (1) Crystal Football Statue will be presented at the corresponding awards ceremony per winning Fearless Female of Football.
    2. Only one (1) Certificate will be presented at the corresponding awards ceremony per winning Fearless Female of Football.
    3. If winner is not present, the Crystal Football and Certificate will be mailed to winner the following business day. The award may be accepted by email, written mail, and video conferencing services of Full Hou5e Events choice.

This section will provide a link to the online form to be completed in order to submit a female football scout, referee, coach, player, and administrative employee into the competition.


  • Currently the form is in creation for 2021 Awards


For clarification of the Rules & Regulations, please contact the Event and Award Department of Lozen World Team by email at: